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Weaving Projects and a new Yarn Base

Weaving Projects

The hand-dyed yarn scene tends to be dominated by knitting projects – so to counter-balance this a bit, let me show you some amazing weaving projects. The following projects were all made by my Dad, a very talented and enthusiastic weaver. He also provided the pictures and descriptions, although I translated them into English and did some editorializing, so any errors are entirely mine.

Houndstooth Scarf

Colorful woven scarf with houndstooth pattern

Easy to weave scarf with houndstooth pattern woven on a loom with a 12.5 DPI reed (for the non-weavers like me: that’s 50 weft threads per 10cm/4”). The wool is Superwash Merino, Fingering weight, in black and a hand-dyed orange/red/purple variegated. For the warping: in the reed on the left and right 5cm each black; otherwise, both colors alternating: 2 warp black and 2 warp variegated. Likewise, in the weft: 2 weft black and 2 weft variegated.

The scarf is ideal for everyday use on cold winter days, and with its color scheme, it often attracts attention. It is relatively densely woven, and heavier wool was chosen for the scarf. But also finer wool can be woven in this way without problems.

Colorful Linen Weave scarf

Another weaving project: colorful scarf woven with Merino Fingering

This scarf woven with wool in a variegated colorway is ideal for people who like to have it colorful and warm in everyday life. In the warp, Merino DK in the colorway “Tropical” was used. The weft is made of Merino Fingering, dyed in Deep Blue. It was woven in a linen weave.

Fluffy Mohair Scarf

A woven mohair scarf being held by two hands.
A woven mohair shawl folded and laid flat

A weaving project that is light and elegant and with a subtle salmon color also makes a good figure for festive occasions. For those who like it light and yet warm around the neck, this scarf is ideal. The same material was used in the warp and weft: Kid Silk: a super fluffy kid mohair yarn with 28% silk. The colorway used for the weft was Puffskin, for the warp Sphinx. The warp density was chosen as 7.5 DPI, in the weft 6 DPI.

Important when weaving with mohair is not to strike the weft, but to only gently approach the previous weft. Gently handle the material because it can interlock quickly. But when weaving carefully – which is not more demanding – weaving is fun. And always leave a small space between the individual weft threads. This makes the scarf very airy and fluffy, and it drapes beautifully. The warmth and high wearing comfort are created by the high quality of the material used.

This scarf is for sale in the shop – you can find it here:

New Yarn Base

Exciting news for fiber enthusiasts: I’ve added a new yarn base as an option for most colorways: Suri Merino Silk Lace!

An undyed skein of Suri Merino Silk Lace yarn.

What is it?

Suri Merino Silk Lace is an extra-thin yarn consisting of 50% Suri Baby Alpaca, 30% Fine Merino and 20% Silk. Each 100g skein measures 1200m/1300yds. That is by far the thinnest yarn I have available – as a comparison, a Fingering weight skein of Merino yarn (what is usually used to knit socks) measures 400m/437yds per 100g skein.

It has been spun to a 2-ply, and it is incredibly soft and luxurious!

What is it for?

As it’s a very thin yarn, it is especially suited for weaving, where it will result in a lightweight fabric that drapes nicely. For knitting or crocheting, I recommend holding the yarn double or triple or holding it together with another yarn.

How can I get it?

You can order any colorway from the Spring Garden, Magical Potions, or Fantastic Beasts collections on the new Suri Merino Silk Lace base. Simply select the colorway you like, and then under Base, select Suri Merino Silk Lace. Currently, all Suri Merino Silk Lace yarns are dyed to order and ship within 5 – 10 business days.

Indulge in the sumptuous texture of Suri Merino Silk Lace, which combines the softness of alpaca, the warmth of merino, and the luster of silk. The delicate weight of this yarn ensures that your finished projects will be light and airy, perfect for delicate accessories and lace patterns. Give your next weaving project a touch of elegance with Suri Merino Silk Lace!

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