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The Yak Collection

The Yak Collection consists of ten tonal colorways, all dyed on the Yak Sock base. Yak Sock is a fingering weight yarn, consisting of 70% Superwash Merino, 20% Yak, and 10% nylon. Yak wool is incredibly soft and warm and similar to Cashmere the yak fibers have a width of 15-19 microns (the narrower the fiber, the softer it generally is; Merino wool is usually around 20 microns, Bluefaced Leicester wool 24-28 microns). It also absorbs moister very well – up to 30% of its own weight – and is very breathable.

Yak wool is also naturally grey, so all the colors dyed on it are a bit more muted and darker than when dyed on classically white yarn.

All Yak Sock Yarns