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Self-Care Kit

$ 66.00

Self-care is an important part of mental well-being, and what better to treat yourself than a surprise yarn kit for yourself?! Choosing the perfect color combo can be a daunting task that takes a lot of mental energy, so I will curate the perfect mix for you.

The Self-Care Kit includes three skeins of yarn in the base of your choice. The actual colors will be chosen by me so you’ll get to open a surprise package! If you have any preferences, let me know in the note at checkout. Or just tell me a little bit about yourself so I can tailor the colorways to you. Usually, the three skeins will be different but coordinating colors.
And in the spirit of emotional well-being, I will also include a small personal note of encouragement.

And since I will be doing the hard part of choosing colors, this kit is of course also perfect if you’re looking for a gift for that special knitter/crocheter/weaver in your life!

Note: I will try to accommodate your preferences as accurately as possible, but unfortunately an exact match might not always be possible. The less specific your requests are the better.
For example, you could say: “I love multi-colored yarns but please no greens”, or “I’d like all three skeins to be the same semi-solid color”, or “I prefer neutrals and blues”.

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