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5 Gift Ideas For Knitters

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your knitter friend, grandparent, or aunt but you aren’t sure what to get them? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with five gift ideas for knitters!

1. Notions & Accessories

In the crafting world, “notions” refer to all the small extra things you need while knitting, such as stitch markers, tape measures, buttons, stitch holders, scissors, and so on. Especially because they are so small, they get lost or misplaced easily. I cannot count how many stitch markers my couch has already eaten… So having more of these is always handy, and when they are a gift it’s a great opportunity to get a nicer version of them. You can find metal stitch markers in various shapes and sizes in my shop.

Many wrapped gifts laying on a table with some tree twigs and baubles

Another accessory that’s very useful if they often knit with yarn that comes in hanks (and not in balls) is a yarn winder and swift. A yarn winder is used to wind a skein into a cake of yarn, so it won’t tangle when knitting. They are one of the pricier accessories and not strictly necessary but make life a lot easier. So if your giftee doesn’t have one yet, they make a great gift!

One more gift idea for a knitter is a project bag where they can store their current knitting project. Project bags are usually made of fabric or canvas, and come in different shapes and sizes. I am one of those knitters who always has a few different projects on the needles, so it’s great to have a multitude of bags for them! Again, check out Etsy where you’ll find many adorable, hand-made knitting project bags!

2. Gift Card

Hand holding a wrapped gift card in front of a Christmas Tree

I know, I know, many people don’t like gifting gift cards because they have the stigma of being impersonal and thoughtless. But hear me out: choosing yarn for someone else as a gift is quite difficult, mainly due to two reasons. First, there is a lot of different yarns out there and every knitter has different preferences. Some like only thick, acrylic yarn because it knits up quickly and can be machine-washed. Others knit mainly socks and prefer the sock yarn to be all natural. Second, picking the right amount is tricky: you might not know what the gift recipient will want to knit with the yarn, so it’s hard to know how many skeins to buy.

With a gift card, you avoid these problems by still letting the recipient choose what yarns to get exactly. Plus, speaking as a knitter we often feel guilty spending money on nicer yarn, so a gift card gives permission to splurge a bit! I recommend getting a gift card to a yarn shop local to the giftee because that makes it a bit more special than a gift card to a big box store and it’s always good to support local business!

3. Knitting Kit

If you’d like to gift yarn, I always recommend a knitting (or crochet) kit! Knitting kits usually include the yarn, the pattern, and often also the necessary needles & accessories to knit a specific item. It’s great because it ensures the recipient will have enough yarn to knit the specific item. And they won’t have to spend hours finding a pattern that fits the yarn they’ve received. WeAreKnitters has a great selection of knitting kits. (Use code MGM850XBP to get USD10 off your order!)

4. A little ‘cozy package’

A great gift for knitters doesn’t necessarily need to be strictly knitting-related. Many knitters knit as a form of relaxation and to unwind at the end of a long day, so anything that makes that hour (or five minutes) cozier is great. For example, (scented) candles, tea, a cute throw pillow, or some chocolate would make a great cozy care package.

A mug with cocoa and marshmallows, surrounded by beads, pine twigs and candles

5. Yarn

If you want to gift some yarn, and rather not a knitting kit, there’s a couple of things you can do:

  • Find out what the recipient likes: what type of fiber (acrylic, wool, alpaca, …), what weight (aka thickness of the yarn), color preferences, and what types of project they tend to knit often (e.g. socks, hats, scarves, blankets, sweaters,…)
  • A great way to find out some of the information above is to have a look at their Ravelry profile, if they have one. You can see what projects they’ve knit in the past (and what yarn they used for it), and especially great is the list of ‘Favorites’ where they might have favorited patterns & yarns. You could for example find a pattern they’ve favorited, and gift them the pattern and the required yarn!
  • Go to your local yarn store (LYS) and ask them for help picking something out. People working at yarn stores are generally very knowledgeable about all things yarn and love to help you find the perfect gift! And the more information you have about the giftee, the better

I hope with this list of gift ideas for knitters I could give you some inspiration to find the perfect gift for the knitter in your life! And while I wrote this mainly with knitters in mind, most of these ideas would work equally for crocheters or weavers!

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